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FET is available for download in the following forms:

  1. Latest version C++ sources: FET-5.30.7 - 28 November 2016




    Size: 10,258,368 bytes (9.8 MiB).
    MD5 sum: ba8ef6324aa9d6c89f50af370a3ada64.

    (see the README file from this archive for compiling/installing/running instructions)
    This version works on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

  2. Latest version executable for Windows: FET-5.30.7 - 28 November 2016




    Size: 13,890,727 bytes (13.2 MiB).
    MD5 sum: 14146b6b540076adba0aa761fcec62f0.

  3. FET executable for Mac OS X, contributed by Darren McDonald: please see the "Tools/Links" section of FET homepage.

  4. Custom versions for Moroccan and Algerian schools: please see the "Custom versions" section of FET homepage.
    Note: with newer FET versions, you may be able to use the official version. See the custom section instructions.

  5. Custom version for automatic students course planning, probably useful for US high-schools: please see the "Custom versions" section of FET homepage.

  6. Older versions (not recommended, they are deprecated)

    older versions directory  (on lalescu.ro)

    other older versions  (on timetabling.de)